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Editors Note

Nigerian Journal of Management Technology & Development (JOMATECH) is an international journal dedicated to the promotion of Interdisciplinary research concerned directly or indirectly with Management Technology in all sectors of the Economy. Management Technology is defined here within a broader sense to include all aspects of human endeavour in which Management and Technology are involved. Examples of these include Management/administrative issues, Accounting, banking, finance and Insurance, Marketing, Technology and Innovation Management, ICT and business application, policies and regulations, Technology transfer and diffusion, Production and operation management, Project Management, Macro-economic Management, ecommerce, e-business, e-governance, Issues in MIS, other related areas. The journal is devoted to publication of issues in management, technology and development, hence it accepts papers on such aspects provided they are well written and their scholarly contributions are clear.

The journal is published twice in a year (June and December) except for special edition where the need arises. It considers for publication relevant articles that fall within the scope of the journal. The journal’s editorial board collects articles and first screens them to ensure their appropriateness for the journal. Those adjudged to be relevant and of high standard are then subjected to a very thorough blind editorial peer review and assessment by the journal’s editorial advisory board. This board is made up of seasoned scholars of varied backgrounds in Management, Administration Technology and Developmental issues.

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Volume 8 No 2

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Volume 1 No 1

Published on: June 2007



Business & Entrepreneurship

Business Technology and Innovation Management
Cross-cultural management, supply chain management, e-commerce
Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
Marketing/ e-Marketing
Innovation and Entrepreneurship
International and Global Business/Economics
International commercial law, nonprofit organizations, ethics/social responsibility
International trade, consumer behavior, industrial/B2B marketing
Leadership Strategy for 21st Century
Management and Organizational Behavior
Production and Operations Management
Public Policy in Business / Business Strategy exporting
Technopreneurship, transition economies
Venture capital, hedge fund convergence, distressed investing.

Computing & Information Technology

Cloud and Mobile computing
Computer Networks & Communications
Database and Data Mining
e-Learning platforms
e-Learning strategies
GIS Technology and Application
Grid Computing
Human Computer Interface
Modeling & Simulation of Communication
Multimedia and Visual Programming
Social benefits of e-Learning
Social media and society
Virtual Reality Systems
Web-based systems
Wireless Communications.

Accounting, Banking & Finance

Asset pricing, financial engineering
Asset-liability management, corporate governance
Auditing, bank assurance, banking crises, investment banking, central banks
Bankruptcy prediction/determinants
Corporate finance, venture capital
Credit risk modeling/management
Derivatives, structured financial products
Efficiency, performance, technological progress
Environmental/financial/management/social accounting
Financing decisions, financial institution management
Foreign exchange markets
Law and finance, mergers and acquisitions
Mutual funds/portfolio management
Regulation, supervision, standards, accountability
Risk management, internal control.

Science, Engineering & Education

Assertive and assistive educational technology
Civil Engineering
Circuits, devices and systems
Educational Psychology
Statistical inference, and the learning theory
Education Policy and Leadership
Electric energy processing
Engineering Management
Educational Sciences
Guidance and Counseling Psychology
Linguistics, Language and Psychology/Behavioral Science
Mechatronics and Robotics
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Social and Cultural Issues
Solar power generation .

Agricultural & Environmental Issues

Adaptation and mitigation strategies
Agro-ecosystem sustainability
Architecture and Building Materials
Biodiversity and climate change, clean and smart energy
Food Sovereignty and Food Security
Groundwater contamination and protection
Integrated Agriculture Management
IPM / Integrated Pest Management
Local Ecological Knowledge
Trans-boundary Water Conflict and cooperation Issues
Urban Planning and Design
Water Management and Soil Conservation
Water resources and Environmental Management in Mega deltas.

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