Nigerian Journal of Management Technology & Development (JOMATECH) is an international journal dedicated to the promotion of Interdisciplinary research concerned directly or indirectly with Management Technology in all sectors of the Economy. Management Technology is defined here within a broader sense to include all aspects of human endeavour in which Management and Technology are involved. Examples of these include Management/administrative issues, Accounting, banking, finance and Insurance, Marketing, Technology and Innovation Management, ICT and business application, policies and regulations, Technology transfer and diffusion, Production and operation management, Project Management, Macro-economic Management, e-commerce, e-business, e-governance, Issues in MIS, other related areas. The journal is devoted to publication of issues in management, technology and development, hence it accepts papers on such aspects provided they are well written and their scholarly contributions are clear.


The journal is published twice in a year (June and December) except for special edition where the need arises. It considers for publication relevant articles that fall within the scope of the journal. The journal's editorial board collects articles and first screens them to ensure their appropriateness for the journal. Those adjudged to be relevant and of high standard are then subjected to a very thorough blind editorial peer review and assessment by the journal’s editorial advisory board. This board is made up of seasoned scholars of varied backgrounds in Management, Administration Technology and Developmental issues.